Monday, April 23, 2012


We are the ‘PINOY’ (Philippine) Animals, 

Some of us might come to you with furry, or scaly or feathery and slippery body but most of you consider us 

As your Friend that will always stay at your side forever if we are able to and we never take anything in return except a smile or a hug from you. 
As your Follower that will follow you whether you go in land, water or air, in jungles and deserts, and even in the far-end of the world if you want to as long as our brave heart, spirit and body can follow. 
As your Brother or a Sister that will grow and discover many things along with you as we both grow up and will always be your animal-brother or animal-sister even if you leave us to create a family of your own. 
As your Healer that will try to take away your pain and sorrow in your most desperate times. 
As your very own Clown that will try our very best just to make you smile or laugh even in your darkest hour. 
As your Protector that will give our very life to save and protect you and to guard you against any night-time fears. 
As your Companion that will never leave you and we will be the very first one to greet you at Heaven’s gate when the good Creator call you back home. 
As your ‘Unlicensed’ Doctor that will treat you’re every scrapes, wounds and nicks with our sloppy tongues or your personal Nurse that will fuss over you when you’re sick. 
As your Teacher that will help you learn about nature and adventure. 
As your Mother or Father that will guide you through your life, protects you on daily strolls and teach you about responsibility. 
As your breathing Teddy bear that you could hug and cuddle when you’re lonesome. 

Our LOVE and DEVOTION for our human exceeds any emotions that human have and we want nothing in exchange for that except love and care. 

We could give so much of that love if we are not confined in these foul cages; if we are free from these choking chains; if we are not in threat of being killed for entertainment (Dog & Cock fighting), for meat (Dog meat trade) and for pure cruel joy of it (Crush videos). 

We know that you, our human friends are very busy and most of you live half a world away from Philippines and in your country, animals whether pet or not have a well-established animal right that protects them. But we are BEGGING to have a minute of your time in signing and supporting our Animal Welfare Acts. Your MINUTE will give us a LIFETIME of good life away from neglect, cruelty and mistreatment. 

Here’s the link to our Petition. Please sign for us. It’s a start of a more humane world for every living species in the World.